Around a week ago we detailed some of the new content that would be making its way into Call of Duty Mobile this week. Now, Season 5 is underway and so there are more specifics on the Steel Legion Battle Pass alongside further information about 2v2 Showdown.

The Steel Legion Battle Pass sees several changes made to the formula, such as offering a weapon and scorestreak in the free version of the pass. This will include a new submachine gun called the GKS at Tier 15 whilst you be able to unlock the Shock RC scorestreak at Tier 25.

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The Premium Battle Pass, should you choose to purchase it will include more weapons and characters than its free counterpart. Instead of the usual 100 Tiers, however, there will now be 50. If you reach the 50th Tier then you'll obtain the following:

  • Reaper (new character) – Tier 1
  • M4 Magmacomb – Tier 1
  • David Mason (new character) – Tier 12
  • M21 EBR Magmacomb – Tier 20
  • AK-117 Magmacomb – Tier 30
  • AK-47 Steel Blue – Tier 50
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In our last Call of Duty Mobile news post, we detailed an upcoming game mode called 2v2 Showdown. We now know that this will be a limited-time game variant where there will be a special challenge that will run from today until 8th April.

All you have to do is play the 2v2 Showdown and rack up a lot of kills and match wins alongside just playing the mode a fair bit in general. Completing the various tasks that are on offer will net you a Type 25 – Reticulated and XPR50 – Reticulated. So if you've got a buddy that plays COD Mobile it's worth hopping in, particularly if you work well together. 

Call of Duty Mobile is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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