Part of the joy of writing about mobile games is not knowing what on Earth's going to land in your inbox next. I've seen lots of weird and wild ideas in my brief time writing for Pocket Gamer, but then something like Rose and Camellia comes along and reminds me that I know nothing of this world.

This one started life as a hugely popular flash game that racked up over 20 million plays. What is it? Well, remember Slap Kings? It's that with a fun serving of class warfare on the side.

Following its initial success, the game was rebuilt from the ground up by room6 and NIGORO for mobile devices. The new version boasts a greater number of animations while retaining the original's layered battle system.

It delivers intuitive, turn-based fights controlled via various taps and flicks on the screen. You'll have to master counters and critical hits if you're to keep soldiering on, and more advanced players will eventually pick up on their opponent's various tells.

The story focuses on an epic battle between distinguished ladies over ownership of the Tsubakikoji household. You play as Reiko, wife to the family's eldest son. As a commoner, it doesn't seem like the Tsubakikojis have taken particularly well to your continued existence, leading to an onslaught of classist bullying.

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Suddenly, your husband croaks it, and now you're on your own against a bunch of stuck-up twits who hate you for no good reason. It's a tale of class warfare where the only solution is a good ol' slap fight.

If you're looking for something genuinely different to play, Rose and Camellia is most certainly that. It's currently available for download from both the App Store and Google Play as a free-to-play title.

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