Atlas Empires is an augmented reality game that's coming out soon for iOS and Android. It's unlike any other AR game in that it essentially combines other games and put them into one.

It combines strategy, AR and some RPG elements as well. So there are multiple ways for you to enjoy the game.

We had a chance to chat with Sami Khan who is the CEO and Co-Founder of Cerberus Interactive, creators of Atlas Empires, to talk about the game and its unique features. We thank him for graciously taking the time to speak with us.  

For those who don’t know, think can tell everyone what Atlas Empires is all about?

Sami Khan: Atlas Empires is a mobile strategy game that incorporates the most cutting-edge location-based augmented reality technology. Players claim a plot of land to call their own at real-world coordinates and then set off to build and fortify the strongest base possible. Players can fortify their bases by finding chests out in the real world that may include gold, wood, stone, and other essential items. Players can also collect troop characters and spells to use in battle against other players in the game universe.

What was the inspiration for the game?

We are heavily inspired by simulation and real-time strategy games on the PC. Mainly, games such as Civilization stand out as key inspirations, where players expand an empire one plot of land at a time. We felt like this idea of “grabbing land” brought to the real world via today’s location-based elements could create an extremely compelling title.

Atlas Empires is an AR style of game. What makes it stand out the most from other AR games?

SK: First, it is one of the only location-based games that allows you to claim a plot of land that no one else can own. We have mapped the entire planet and divided it into claimable tiles, excluding roads, waterways, and bodies of water. Players can also build temporary outposts in the real world where friends can leave donations. We believe that location-based AR games should be more than just collecting items from an X-Y coordinate. By having both items to collect and player-generated content left behind, Atlas Empires should feel a lot more alive than your everyday location-based game.

What are some of your favorite things about the strategy aspect of the game?

The game is all about building up your base to be the most fortified it can be. There are resource constraints (such as amassing enough gold, wood, and stone) as well as an element of exploration. For example, later stage buildings in your base require an item called the “crystal hammer,” which can only be found by walking around. We’re also excited about all the different troops that players can find on the map. When attacking other players via our matchmaking system, having a wider variety of troops becomes increasingly important as enemy bases get stronger. We believe the balance will make things a lot of fun for years to come and give folks a reason to play the game while on their couches as well as when they’re out and about.

Players will be able to earn in-game currency by making real-world purchases. What makes this game-changing (no pun intended)?

So far, the vast majority of in-app purchases occur from the “whales,” which constitute less than 3 percent of the gaming population. This has created additional pressure on the more casual players to either grind harder or to actually part with their hard-earned dollars just to stay competitive. By enabling brick-and-mortar brands to give away coveted in-game currency to customers making purchases at their locations, everyday players can participate in the game more wholly and in a way that does not feel stacked against them or unfair. We believe this will not only make Atlas Empires stand out but will ultimately change how mobile games can be monetized.

Did the rapid growth of mobile gaming play a role in making Atlas Empires a mobile experience?

I’ve been in the mobile space for a long time. In 2014, I helped launch a mobile-first fintech experience called Acorns. I believe any modern company––that is, one launching in the last 36 months––has to be mobile-first to be competitive. We want our product to have the widest reach possible, and mobile is the only logical way to get there.

What has the overall reaction been from fans after the game was announced?

We started advertising Atlas Empires as an idea, even before we had a single line of code written. As a marketer, I wanted to confirm and validate the concept. What has been amazing is the take rate for the idea. Everyone loves it. The passion is immense. Players are eager to bring their own ideas of what they want to see to the table and it’s really helped shape what the game could become. If this early reaction is a sample of how the gaming community will feel about Atlas Empires, I believe it will be a title that has lasting power for years to come.

What has been the most fun part about making the game?

The game design for Atlas Empires was extremely enjoyable. Since much of the implementation of the game involved new technologies, the ideation process–– figuring out what was possible in terms of pushing the boundaries and how this would translate into a great gaming experience––was really fun. We feel like we’ve laid a great foundation and are in a position to iterate quickly in order to optimize the game into something that we believe everyone will love playing. 

Lastly, when will Atlas Empires be available for all to enjoy?

Atlas Empires will be available in most countries by Summer 2020.

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