Loop – The Distress Call is a narrative-driven, predominately text-based game from Advenworks. It released for iOS earlier this year but now it's also available for Android. So if you're on the lookout for a story-led game, Loop might just be what you're looking for.

The game tells the story of an investigator who's tasked with looking into the mysterious behaviour of the FCV Raptora spaceship. You see, for reasons that are entirely clear before the investigation begins the ship is hurtling towards a supernova, which is far from ideal.

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Things start to become a little clearer once you're in communication with Ensign Althea Young who explains that she's the only person left on the ship that hasn't been struck with some unexplained illness. It's making her crewmates mill about like zombies, making getting around the spaceship a monumental task.

So with your options limited you'll have to work with Althea from a distance to try and help her discover the cause of all this madness. This is done through a messaging app style system where you'll be given several options that determines where Althea goes to look for clues.

The way you respond to her will affect one of the 20 plus endings the game possesses. Ridicule her thoughts and suggestions and she'll naturally become resistant to anything you say to her. It's even possible she'll close down communication and ignore you for a while, in real-time. So you'll have to wait until she's willing to speak with you once again.

So if you're set on getting to the bottom of the mystery you'll need to be empathetic towards the fairly unprecedented situation she finds herself in. It's unlikely you'll get all of the answers from one playthrough though so multiple attempts might be necessary to uncover the whole story.

Loop – The Distress Call is available now on Google Play and the App Store. It's a premium title that currently costs $1.99.

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