It’s the year 2742. Humanity has long since bitten the dust, and the world they’ve left behind belongs to a new robot world order.

Terrorism is at an all time high thanks to the evil machinations of The Grand Orb; a maniacal robot that’s hell bent on causing death and destruction. You play as Tahi - a retired peace corps pilot, that flies across the galaxy to bring justice and put an end to The Grand Orb’s tyranny.

That’s the premise behind Robot Crusher Battle Ballz, an arcade style battler that delivers high octane pinball style matches with some uber cool sci-fi visuals. It’s one of the most fast paced arcade games you’re likely to find on the app stores right now, and here are our reasons why you should throw your hat into the Robot Crusher arena!

Robot Crusher Battle Ballz Game Demo from Jason on Vimeo.

For the challenge

Too many games today seem to stifle themselves with incredibly drawn out tutorial and beginner stages. Thankfully, Robot Crusher Battle Ballz is a game that doesn’t try to hold your hand for too long, which is perfect if you want to dive straight into some explosive action. The initial Bronze stage of the game is a piece of cake to blast through, allowing you to tackle the more challenging Silver and Gold modes early on. These modes are where the game truly shines with the explosiveness of its NPCs and pace of battle increasing exponentially as you progress.

Robot Crusher Battle Ballz is the epitome of a quick to grasp and difficult to master arcade game that lets you put your skills to the test from the get go.

For the visuals

Graphics are the easiest tell-tell sign of its quality; an adage that’s even more relevant when it comes to indie games. So when a game like Robot Crusher Battle Ballz delivers the levels of high quality, punk-inspired visuals that it does, you can tell the devs really poured their hearts and minds into the project.

Big Boy Pants’ lead artist has done a sterling job of delivering some truly original and brilliant designs that inject some edginess into the game. If you like your Sci-Fi with a rough and ready look then Robot Crusher Battle Ballz is just the game you’re looking for.

For the Simplicity

Robot Crusher Battle Ballz is designed to be as simple to play as possible. As long as you have a thumb on each hand you can navigate around the game’s Crusher, hologram shop, and battle modes without any hassle.


Once you’re done wiping the floor with your opponents on the battle track, you get to enjoy the pleasure of crushing them flat in the giant hydraulic press “The Crusher”. A perfect way to let off some steam during a stressful day.

For the power ups

Robot Crusher Battle Ballz never stops short when it comes to finding things to blow up, electrify, or disintegrate. Every power up in the game is designed to deliver a sensory feast for the eyes and ears. And best of all, power ups come fast and plenty. Basic power ups can be collected off the track for free, whilst advanced power ups can be bought from the shop with credits collected from battle.

Even more welcome is the fact that the game doesn’t require you to shell out on IAPs to progress quickly. Just be sure not to waste any power ups unnecessarily early on. You’ll definitely need them for the tougher opponents in Silver and Gold stages.

Fancy giving it a spin? You can find Robot Crusher Battle Ballz available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play.