ForgeReply has announced Joe Dever's Lone Wolf will be available for free for you to enjoy on iOS. The best part is that you'll be getting the complete version of the game without having to spend a dime. 

The ongoing spread of COVID-19 has everyone a little shaken at the moment. Showing sympathy for us lot, the folks at ForgeReply decided to let everyone relax and enjoy a unique mobile game. 

Lone Wolf is an RPG packed full of epic combat, magic, and adventure. It also boasts a solid story for you to immerse yourself in while chilling on your bed, couch, or wherever you happen to be self-isolating. 

You'll create your hero and go on an epic journey to achieve greatness, utilising your skills and wits to your advantage in battle. 

Be sure to play smart, as the decisions you make are just as important as what you do during combat. Whatever choices you make can have an impact on the course of history, so be sure to choose wisely. 

When in combat, you'll have the trusty Sword of the Sun by your side. And it does more than just a little slash that deals minimal damage, with three different attacks for you to use on your unsuspecting opponents. This will allow you to mix things up, be creative, and have fun. 

There are also three difficulties to choose from, so it's really up to you how you want to play and what level of challenge you're comfortable with.

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On easy and normal mode, you can freeze time as you plan your next attack. Playing on hard will require you to think fast, pushing your skills to the limit. 

Lastly, you can play around with the mysterious Shianti Cube. You can access this strange device by breaking locks. Once you're in, you'll be able to test that brain of yours with some tricky riddles. 

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf will be free until March 31st to all iOS gamers. You'll find it available for download now over on the App Store

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