Bless mobile developers for continuing to push the envelope. When I looked at Dungeon Faster, a turn-based card-game roguelike, I thought the genre had reached its peak. There was no way they could come up with more ideas to reinvent the roguelike genre. But they keep on doing it - and this time with Peggle.

Roundguard is a mobile roguelike which is available right now on Apple Arcade, and it quite purposefully recreates Peggle, but infuses it with roguelike elements. You have health, mana, and items you can collect to help you along your way, and each stage is a level of a dungeon, and defeating all of the enemies will be the only way you can make it through.

This is one of the most inventive roguelikes I've played in recent memory, and if you have an Apple Arcade account, there's absolutely no reason to not jump into the game immediately. Now that I have you convinced, let's go through some tips, shall we?

These are the expert tips you'll need to get through the first few acts of Roundguard - for the rest, you're on your own!

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