Bullet League is the latest shooter to hit Android and iOS, and this is by far one of the more unique entries into the multiplayer shooter category on mobile. Instead of battling in an absurd 100-man battle royale, or competing with finicky touch-screen controls in a first-person perspective, you'll be shooting people down in a 2D Terraria-like arena, jumping around and shooting down foes.

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that one of the most unique shooters to land on mobile in recent memory might also be one of the best. You'll be jumping around like you're playing a platformer, before finding sneaky angles and taking apart warring opponents.

It's exciting and interesting, and definitely worth you downloading the game now so you can jump into the action.

Below we've got some expert tips for brand new players to jump into the action. The game is straight-forward enough to not require an extensive tutorial, but complex enough for you to use tact while navigating the levels and choosing your weapons. Read below for what you need to know…