Lineage 2: Revolution, Netmarble's hit MMO, is set to embrace the spring season a little early with the release of its latest update. Starting from today, you'll have the option to take part in some all-new events.

These include the Sakuramon, Herald of Spring, and Feldheim's Ruins Exploration events. They're all themed around the season of spring, allowing you to take down cherry-themed monsters in the city of Magnadin or collect some keys to unlock great rewards.

On top of all that, a new 'Nightmare' difficulty mode has been added for the Temple of Dragon Hearts and Temple of Creation dungeons, offering battle-scarred players their steepest challenge yet. With the added risk comes even greater rewards, including a Grade 4 Talisman, Radiant Enhance Scroll, and more.

You're also now going to be able to imprint and upgrade patterns onto any cloaks you've got lying about to boost your stats. This could give you the edge you need to take on the Nightmare dungeons.

Ex-Editor Ric reviewed Lineage 2 at launch, saying that it "might not have the broadest appeal, but it's a must-have for MMORPG fans looking to lose hundreds of hours of their lives", before awarding it a respectable Silver Rating.

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It's a solid, polished MMORPG experience, delivering some decent visuals to enjoy and a sizable open world to explore. One of its biggest draws is PvP. Here, up to 200 players duke it out in real-time on a single screen to claim victory.

If you've got the time to spare, you'll find Lineage 2: Revolution available for download now as a free-to-play title from both the App Store and Google Play. It's a decent entry point for those new to the genre, and it should also appeal to fans of more traditional MMO titles.

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