Haegin's latest update to their melee-focused battle royale title Overdox introduces new gameplay elements, a map, and weapons. It will also see the return of the deathmatch mode that was first playable in December last year.

The new map is called Land of Solitude and is a departure from the arenas that are already in the game's roster at the moment. It's a desert area where you'll do battle in a desolate ruin site. It's notably different from the other maps by having an asymmetrical layout and no final stage zone.

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This means that the combat veil will shrink into a random place on the map, Haegin hopes this will lead to players roaming about the map more whilst looking for resources and farming. This brings Overdox more in line with how battle royale modes more commonly play out, at least on Land of Solitude.

Meanwhile, a new class of weapons have been added to Overdox, called Legendary. The first weapon of this type is named the Dahaka. It's a little circular bladed weapon that boasts incredible speed and versatility. It will grant combat skill bonuses when equipped. For instance, the Dash button will upgrade to a Blink ability. It also starts with two skill charges at the beginning of the round instead of the usual one.

Other additions include a new premium skin called Griffin. As you'd guess from the name, it'll adorn your character with a costume that will make them look like the mythical creature of legend. Finally, there's the return of team deathmatch. This was a fan-favourite mode when it first launched back in December.

It was only around for a limited time, however. So players will undoubtedly be pleased to see it making a return. Players will be able to access this game variant through Friendly Match Mode where it still has the same ruleset but with a few optimisation tweaks to hopefully improve the experience.

Overdox is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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