In a post set live earlier today, it was announced that The Turing Test and Relicta will be the latest games to arrive on Google Stadia. Interestingly, they're both futuristic first-person puzzlers that, despite their obvious similarities, appear to be very distinct entities.

The Turing Test first launched on Steam back in 2016, where it earned some fairly impressive reviews from critics and players alike for its visuals, engrossing story, and many tricky puzzles.

It's set on Jupiter's moon and sees you using a unique Energy Manipulation Tool (or EMT) to transfer power between various machines. As someone who hasn't played it, I'm getting strong Portal and SOMA vibes, which is no bad thing.

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Also set on a lonely moon, Relicta tasks you with mastering the powers of magnetism and gravity in order to uncover the many mysteries of Chandra Base. It's visually vibrant and appears to boast a fairly varied world to explore.

This one also has a strong narrative focus, with you gradually uncovering a secret that could well claim your daughter's life. The trailer below features some very dramatic voiceover narration, suggesting the story isn't exactly going to be all sunshine and rainbows.

This one delves into the intrigues of 22nd-century orbital politics, which, depending on who you ask, is either the most interesting subject imaginable or something liable to put you to sleep.

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If you missed the news from earlier this week, Google Stadia's Playa Vista studio was recently opened. It's currently headed by Sony Santa Monica's old boss, Shannon Studstill, and will focus on the development of Stadia-exclusive titles.

Quality exclusives might be exactly what Stadia needs if they're to draw in greater numbers, but the reality is that the newly-opened studios likely won't have anything to show anytime soon, meaning drawing in games like The Turning Test and Relicta is an absolute must.

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