Orc Heist is a simple, reflex-based stealth game from indie developer Puditobi. It's like the vault heist scene in De Palma's Mission Impossible, except imagine Cruise is being lowered down towards the mouth of a giant, snoozing orc. And while that premise may sound somewhat terrifying, know that Orc Heist is anything but.

Up-and-coming pirate Marie has gone and dozed off on a desert island, not realising its inhabitants – a band of orcs – have their eyes on her treasure. With Marie's hard-earned booty now gone, she heads out to find the orc camp and stealthily retrieve what's hers. Little does she know, these orcs have an alarming tendency to store their plunder in chests and hide them inside their mouths.

Lowering your pet down towards the orc is risky business, with the chances of them waking up at a moment's notice being sky-high. A little indicator will pop up whenever an orc has been disturbed, which is your cue to stop moving.

Complicating matters is the fact that chests are all weighted differently, with some taking much longer to get away with. It's usually best to take your time when carrying them off, but being overly cautious can result in you running out of energy and tumbling down towards your new orc buddy.

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Its artwork, tone, and personality are so very pleasant, with a varied selection of cute critters to unlock and play as. These range from cats to sharks to monsters and beyond.

Thankfully, you'll be able to purchase these guys without the need to rely on lucky draws, and the various collectable accessories can only be obtained the once, meaning you're guaranteed a unique pull every time.

Pair that with the surprisingly generous amount of premium currency you get on a daily basis, and it's clear that Orc Heist is going about the whole free-to-play thing in perhaps the fairest way possible.

If you're looking for something simple and cute to enjoy as you go about your day, you'll find Orc Heist available for download now from both the App Store and Google Play.

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