Tomorrow marks the six month anniversary of Pokemon Masters' arrival on mobile. To celebrate, the game has received a huge update that introduces new Sync Pairs, evolutions, story chapters, events and free Gems. Of course, there's also the addition of the Battle Villa, which we've covered in-depth in a separate article.

First up, earlier this week story chapters 22-24 were added to the Main Story. This introduced a brand new Sync Pair that could be obtained simply by beating the chapters. That pair is Valerie & Sylveon – meaning my logic for predicting Mawile was off the mark. They're a 4-star Sync Pair that fills a special Striker role.

Next up a plethora of Pokemon can now evolve that couldn't previously. The 13 Sync Pairs and possible evolutions this includes are:

  • Hilbert & Oshawott – Dewott – Samurott
  • Phoebe & Dusclops – Dusknoir
  • Roxie & Whirlipede – Scolipede
  • Clay & Palpitoad - Seismitoad
  • Ramos & Weepinbell – Victreebel
  • Roark & Cranidos - Rampardos
  • Lt. Surge & Voltorb – Electrode
  • Brawly & Makuhita – Hariyama
  • Roxanne & Nosepass – Probopass
  • Grant & Amaura – Aurorus
  • Maylene & Meditite – Medicham
  • Blaine & Ponyta – Rapidash
  • Calem & Espurr – Meowstic

There's also a new Sync Pair that had been previously teased in Professor Oak's recent Event, Sygna Suit Red & Charizard. That's right, the original protagonist and his trusty Charizard will be available to scout in the game. There will be an increased chance of obtaining the duo in a 'Poke Fair Scout + Present' spotlight that will run from 28th February to March 16th.

They will unsurprisingly be a 5-star Sync Pair that - like Sylveon - will be a special Striker. Much like a few other Pokemon in the game such as Metagross and Houndoom, Charizard will be capable of Mega Evolving after using its Sync Move. Of the two existing Mega variants of the Flame Pokemon, Red's will become Mega Charizard X - the better-looking one.

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That's not all the Sync Pair news though, there's one more being added to the current roster. This will be a different variant of Elena and this time she will be paired up with a Rotom. They will have their own Spotlight Scout - where you'll have a slightly higher chance to obtain the duo – that will run from 28th February to March 16th.

Also appearing between those two dates will be a new type of story event that will feature Elesa. It will be called 'Shining Star' and will have a different format to story events that have come before it. Players will face off against multiple opponents and traverse a series of maps to complete each part of the story.

Elsewhere DeNA wants to remind people that if they've not played the game for some time they are still able to log in and claim Professor Oak and Mew for free. The only pre-requisites to get this pair are to complete the tutorial and log in before the 16th March.

Finally, it wouldn't be a Pokemon Masters update without some free Gems to pocket. Any player that logs into the game between now and 16th March will receive 3000 Gems. It doesn't stop there though, there's also a log in Rally leading up to that date too, which will net players a further 3000 Gems if they log in every day. 

Pokemon Masters is available now on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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