Dragon Quest of the Stars is finally out right now on both iOS and Android, bringing the long-time Japan exclusive to Western shores at long last. We've been playing the game here at Pocket Gamer, and it is definitely a great gacha RPG with a lot to offer.

One of the most interesting things that Dragon Quest of the Stars offers is multiplayer with friends online, allowing you to complete unique quests, work towards events, and come away with rewards to help you in your main quest. It's absolutely a great game mode to play as you progress through the main story, and is even better with friends, which is why we've put this article together today.

In this guide, you will find my Dragon Quest of the Stars friend ID, and you will be able to post your own in the comments below to find some like-minded players to share your experience with.

Dragon Quest of the Stars' multiplayer mode has dozens upon dozens of brand new quests you won't find in the main game, and the mode even boasts that you can earn up to 13500 gems from the multiplayer! That's three separate 10-draw pulls, and some extra gems to play with afterward! Not bad rewards, though they won't all be easy to get. Of course, easier with friends like us, right?

This is how to add friends on Dragon Quest of the Stars…

  • From the main menu, tap the handshake icon near the top
  • Tap ID Search in the bottom right
  • You will find your ID here, and you can enter a friend's ID to add them

Now that you know how to find your ID and add friends, post your ID codes in the comments below, and make sure to add me! My Dragon Quest ID is…


Leave yours in the comments below, and let us know what you think of Dragon Quest of the Stars!

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