Garena Free Fire has an awful lot going on at the moment, from the Wasteland Survivors event to the arrival of its latest character, skins, and mode. It's a fair bit to take in, and so I've gone and split everything up with nice subheadings for your reading pleasure.

Peak Day

The Wasteland Survivor event's Peak Day is planned for March 1st. Logging in on this day will get you a backpack skin and a mask from the Borderlands skin set, as well as some gold, fragments, and triple XP. To make the day even more exciting, the daily reward limit will be tripled.

A new Bomb Mode will also arrive during Peak Day, and it'll be playable until March 31st. It requires top-tier strategic play from both sides, with one team attempting to detonate a bomb while the other does everything in their power to stop them.

On top of that, Kelly is getting an elite version on Peak Day. It's known as 'The Flash', and it'll be available to unlock once her awakening missions are completed and you've upgraded her to level 2.

The Preheat and how to unlock the Borderlands skin

The Preheat sees the return of Cold Steel Mode, which is set to run from tomorrow until March 1st. The latest map drop, which sees you searching for a special sculpture that can be broken to collect Black Skull tokens, will run from February 26th to March 4th.

And remember that you'll be able to earn twice the standard number of tokens during the Peak Day event on March 1st. These can then be redeemed through to March 3rd to earn pieces of the female Borderlands set.

Here's what you'll need for each piece:

  • Top = 12 Tokens
  • Bottom = 10 Tokens
  • Shoes = 8 Tokens
  • Hair = 8 Tokens
  • Bonfire = 2 Tokens
  • Mask = Free to claim by logging in on March 1st

The male Borderlands set can only be unlocked by purchasing it from the in-game store.

The Charge-it-up event

The Charge-it-up web event is currently planned to begin on February 27th and run through to March 9th. It allows you to compete in tricky missions to earn some great rewards.

Token As can be earned by playing a set number of matches during the event. These can then be redeemed for a Green Skull token, diamond royale and weapon royale vouchers, and the Borderlands grenade skin.

Token Bs can be earned by completing daily login missions from March 1st to March 9th. These can be redeemed for a Yellow Skull token.

Here's a full list of what you stand to win:

February 27th to March 9th (except for Peak Day, March 1st)

  • Daily Login = Token B
  • Play 1 Game = Token A
  • Play 3 Games = Token A
  • Play 6 Games = Token A

Peak Day (March 1st)

  • Daily Login = Token B x2
  • Play 1 Game = Token A x2
  • Play 3 Games = Token A x2
  • Play 6 Games = Token A x2

All about Steffie, Free Fire's latest character

Steffie is a professional graffiti artist whose aim it is to help those in need and make the world a better place for all. Her active in-game skill is said to reflect this, allowing her to create an area of defence-boosting graffiti around her teammates.

Those within the protective graffiti will also take reduced damage from bullets and explosions, and their armour can't be depleted when inside the area. She'd certainly be a great addition to any team.

Training Grounds mode

If you feel the need to get a little practice in outside of an active war zone, I'd suggest you do so in the Training Grounds. This allows you to hone your combat skills, master your weapons, and grow to better understand your character skills.

Two major zones will be accessible in the Training Grounds, with the first being a shooting range and the second being an exhibition zone where you can fight against other players and revive yourself as many times as you fancy. 

If you've for some reason reached this point and haven't already got Garena Free Fire installed, you'll find it available for download now from both the App Store and Google Play.

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