After what feels like quite a wait, the lovely Summer Catchers has finally worked its way from the icy tundra of PC to the warm shores of mobile. It sees you going on an epic road trip adventure as Chu, a young girl from up in the frozen north who heads down south to see what summer is actually supposed to look like.

Her quest is fraught with all manner of dangers, so you're going to have to upgrade and learn to operate her trusty wooden kart, gifted to her by "Funny Bear", who actually happens to be a kind-hearted wolf woodworker.

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Levels here will continue on for as long as your kart remains intact. You're going to have to make use of its upgrades to leap over chasms and defend yourself from fast-approaching debris. It's a very simple game at heart that nevertheless can cause you a good deal of grief if your reaction times are especially poor.

If you do happen to crash, you'll have to repair your kart and head back out into the wild to solve that area's mission goals. Along the way, you'll collect currency that can be spent on purchasing single-use items such as the battering ram or speed boost.

These aren't optional at all, and you'll need to stockpile them if you're going to continue to progress. Running out of required items can be a real pain, especially as it can sometimes feel like your run was unfairly cut short because of it.

I've been looking forward to giving this one a go on mobile. And unsurprisingly it feels right at home on my iPad thanks its easy-to-learn touchscreen controls and focus on bitesized play sessions. Despite the fact that it can be mighty tricky from time to time, I've been finding Summer Catchers oddly relaxing to play. This is no doubt due to its sense of style, cute aesthetic, great tunes, and likeable characters.

If you're looking for a runner that does things quite differently – and with a ton more personality than you might expect – you'll find Summer Catchers available for purchase now from the App Store. Android players might have a little longer to wait, as the game is still only open for pre-order on Google Play. That said, it should go live later today.

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