Loop – The Distress Call, is a text-based narrative adventure game from Advenwork and it is available now for iOS. It tells the story of an investigator who is tasked with assisting the FCV Raptora spaceship as it hurtles towards a sun.

The game starts when you receive a distress call from a crew member called Althea Young, an engineering Ensign who is the only member of her crew that has remained cognisant. The rest of her shipmates have been afflicted with a mysterious illness that's making them behave strangely.

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Throughout the game you'll be in contact with Althea, talking through different options she can take and making suggestions on where to go next to help discover clues that might further unravel the mystery. This is done through a text message style system where you'll have several options to decide how to respond to her.

How you reply will determine which paths the story will go down, with a plethora of endings available. If you're needlessly rude to Althea she will simply refuse to communicate with you and you'll have to wait - in real-time - for her to calm down. Naturally, this is time wasted where you could be investigating so it will affect the final outcome of the game.

So being helpful and choosing the best course of action will be the way to go if you want to get a good ending. But even then, if you give Althea bad advice, that could still lead to an undesirable end for her and the ship's crew. That's why you might find yourself doing multiple playthroughs, as you'll have a better idea of where the story is going after the first attempt so you can readjust your approach to try and get a better conclusion.

Loop – The Distress Call is now available on the App Store. It's a premium title that costs $4.99.

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