We all love a twee physics-based puzzler, and few are sharper than Early Worm. Early Worm is a cute 2D puzzle platformer where you'll be flicking a rolled-up red worm around a variety of stages, triggering switches, jumping on platforms, and collecting precious apples, of course.

Early Worm has a cute aesthetic and a simple core mechanic that you'll be using throughout most of the game, and it works wonderfully. It's a game that's easy to sink time into, especially if you're going for three stars on each stage, and that's exactly why this guide is here.

In this guide we're going to go over the basic mechanics of the game, how to get three stars, and what to expect from the stages ahead, so you know what you need to in order to breeze through every chapter.

Sometimes patience is necessary, but you'll get a lot further in record time with these tips. Read on and get ready to win…