We've all played the hit game from Fusebox Games, Love Island: The Game, but did you know it has been adapted into a TV show? And apparently that TV show is one of the most popular things in the world right now?

I may have had no idea, but I'm a weird online hermit, entirely disconnected from the real world. What's your excuse?

Love Island is one of the biggest TV shows in the world, with a quirky cast of characters and the kind of weird aspirational voyeurism that always freaks me out due to how unsettlingly addictive it can be, and how easily we all get normalised to that voyeurism. Haunting. And it is amazing that a TV adaptation of a mobile game could become so popular!

So how did it do it, and how did the massive mobile game inspire an even bigger TV show, and how do they pull off the same narrative adventure thrills in a live-action format? Well, it's time we found out…

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