Super Cat Tales 2 will be getting an update soon that reintroduces everybody's favourite chonky cat, Brutus as a playable character. He was previously playable in the original Super Cat Tales and will arrive later this Spring alongside the finale of the game.

Brutus is a popular feline amongst the fanbase of Super Cat Tales 2 so naturally, people are fairly pleased they'll be able to play as him once again after him only having a cameo role previously. However, they needed to change how Brutus will work this time around.

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In the original, Brutus' trait was that he could break blocks by running into them. However, in Super Cat Tales 2, every playable can do this. So this time around he can smash through blocks by simply standing on them, making use of his extra weight without the need for building up momentum. 

The Spring update will be the first major update to the game since the second chapter was added in April 2019. This next update will add the finale to Super Cat Tales 2 and given that it has a tentative Spring release date we can probably expect that to be around April too.

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You can check out some of what to expect with the arrival of Brutus in the trailer above. There's also a small glimpse at a potential villainous cat too. Well, they have red eyes and laugh in a fairly menacing fashion, so I presume they have to be evil.

If you're unfamiliar with Super Cat Tales 2 it's an action-platformer where you play as a plethora of adorable felines. Harry reviewed the game back in 2018 where he found it to be an 'intelligent, and well-designed platformer to add to your home screen'.

Super Cat Tales 2 is available now on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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