Update: 13.02.2020

Little Misfortune is now out for iOS and Android.

Original story

Little Misfortune, which we first covered earlier this month, comes to us from Fran Bow developer Killmonday Games. If you missed that original piece, it's a gorgeous adventure title that sees you playing as a young girl lured into a dangerous forest by a voice in her head.

Mr. Voice, as it's known, ropes Misfortune into a potentially dangerous game where the prize is eternal happiness. With her home life being far from ideal, Misfortune aims to gift this to her struggling mother. Clearly, it's a fairly dark story in the vein of many classic fairy tales.

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The big news today is that we finally have a solid release date for the iOS and Android ports. Little Misfortune will launch as a premium title on February 13th. Fans will know that it released first for Steam in September of last year, where it earned itself 'Very Positive' user reviews overall, with many praising its story and characters.

"We hope to bring out a more empathetic experience from our games to the player, showering them with a wider spectrum of feelings and giving them a sense of hope even in the darkest of times", said Killmonday Games. That's a very noble goal, one that I'm hopeful the final game will achieve.

Just looking at Little Misfortune's trailers, it's hard not to get swept up in its excellent presentation and uneasy premise alone. The team has crafted a distinct and weird world that should be interesting to explore, and I'm always on board for more premium adventure games on mobile.

If you're still on the fence, there's currently a demo available for the Android version. Look for Little Misfortune on the App Store and Google Play come February 13th.

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