Magic The Gathering is a legendary trading card game the world over, and its video game adaptation is nothing to sniff at either. The latest of these video game adaptations is Magic: ManaStrike from Netmarble, and it's a darn good, simple, PVP RTS in the same vein as Clash of Clans and dozens of others.

Magic: ManaStrike gets all of the core components of the genre right, and has dozens and dozens of cards for you to collect and use in battle - about 72, by our current calculations, shortly after the launch of the game. How do we know? Well, of course, we're the mobile game experts, and that's why we've gone through every single card currently available in the game and listed them here for your ease of browsing.

Using this list you'll easily be able to find the creature, building, and spell cards you want, and which rank you'll need to be to have access to them. Believe me, once you hit rank 3, the game opens up, and you'll see just how much is waiting for you to collect and build your collection.

So for everything you need to help you build a strong deck in Magic: ManaStrike, just read on below.

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