Pokémon GO is the game that just keeps, well, going. It has had update after update since its debut in 2016, and right now it is a better, smoother, and more enjoyable game than ever before. But Niantic aren't done improving their flagship AR game just yet, because the latest update introduces what people have been asking for since the start: online Pokémon battles against real trainers.

We've seen AI trainer battles and even local trainer battles with friends happen in the past, but as of the latest update, Pokémon battling is being pushed to the forefront, and even if you're not in the game for the competitive aspect, you should get involved for rewards that will help you catch 'em all.

The battle update has just gone live and everyone should now be able to jump in and battle against random people online - so what are you waiting for? Download the update and get ready to fight!

While it downloads though, read our tips below for everything you need to know about Pokémon GO battles in 2020!

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