As reported by TouchArcade, Oddrok's latest game Early Worm will be available for iOS devices on 6th February. You might be familiar with any number of Oddrok's previous games, the Finnish developers enjoy experimenting with different genres.

Whether that's hover-boarding in Power Hover or tackling puzzles in Drop Not, they always aim to make something completely different each time. In Early Worm then, you'll be tasked with flinging a little worm through various levels to help it reach an apple to munch on.

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There will be a total of 80 different levels on launch which, as you can see in the trailer above, appear to have an impressive amount of variation. For instance, some of the earlier levels we see are simple tunnel network-style levels where you just have slingshot the worm around the stage until you reach the goal.

But beyond that, there are levels where you'll have to navigate your way through a plethora of physics-based boxes whilst the map is constantly turning around. Some are more akin to a standard platform, timing your slinging to slowly work your way up a series of extending platforms.

Finally, the last level we see in the trailer sees our little worm hero crawling around in the dark. In these stages, it appears that you'll have to look for a light first to flick on before making your way to the coveted apple.

Oddrok is certainly shooting for variety within their levels, which I'm definitely in favour of. There are plenty of puzzles games on mobile with solid concepts that end up getting repetitive after a while because they don't build on that idea enough.

Early Worm will be available on the App Store on February 6th. It will be free-to-download and will be supported by ads. However, an IAP of $1.99 can be purchased to permanently remove them.

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