Another Eden is currently celebrating the one year anniversary of its global launch. Naturally, with these yearly celebrations comes a host of updates and events to commemorate the occasion.

First up, there will be some new content called Manifestation: Weapon Discovery. This will see players tackling a host of tricky battles where they'll be able to earn themselves some weapons. These weapons will only be available for specific characters, providing a boost to their stats and they must be in your party to obtain them.

On top of that, they will also need to be a certain class to be able to use them. The characters and classes required are:

  • Suzette (Dragoon)
  • Mighty (Aqua Ruler)
  • Shion (Kagutsuchi)

There are also a few other requirements to bear in mind. Part 1 of the main story must have been completed and you need to have beaten the Character Quest 3 for the party member you wish to obtain the weapon for.

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Elsewhere, to being a year old there will be an event called Whisper of Time Encounter - 1st Anniversary, they enjoy their verbose names it has to be said. This will allow players to Encounter one Ally per day between today and 7th February.

Finally, a character popularity vote was held, with the top 60 viewable from within the game itself. For a limited time, the characters that appeared in the top 20 of this list will be available in a 1st Anniversary Encounter. Naturally, this will exclude any story characters that are on that list.

Another Eden has proven to be an extremely popular JRPG in the first year of its release, racking up a staggering one million downloads on Google Play. In that time they've also held a crossover event with Persona 5, bringing two popular turn-based JRPGs together.

Another Eden is available now on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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