Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's roster has been expanded once again, and this time we've got a brand new Fire Emblem character thrown into the mix. Another one? Yes, another one, but Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses plays very differently to the other Fire Emblem characters that call Super Smash Bros. Ultimate home.

Byleth certainly is not another Marth or Ike clone, and instead plays very differently from the rest of the swordfighters in the roster, which is helped by the fact that Byleth actually also has a bow, lance, and axe to pull out, in addition to the Sword-Whip, the Sword of the Creator.

Byleth, like all of the other DLC characters in the game, comes along with a brand new stage, Garreg Mach, and really makes the stage feel like home. It's a transforming stage, and also has a bunch of other characters from Three Houses in the background, spectating your matches.

The latest Fire Emblem character is certainly the most unique one to land in the game yet, and as such, there is a lot to learn. So read on for the move breakdown and strategies you need to win as Byleth.

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