RogueJack, acclaimed developer Ponywolf's latest title, is an inventive roguelike that smartly blends tactical blackjack-inspired battles with hours of dungeon crawling goodness. It looks like a lot of old school dungeoning fun, and it's making its way to iOS and Android on February 14th.

Much like last year's excellent Void Tyrant, RogueJack's battle system adopts familiar elements of the card game blackjack. While things may start out simple enough, it builds upon its basic premise in a number of interesting ways.

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As you continue to progress and level up, new rules will come into play that may, for example, give you multiple cards to pick from or mess with the number of cards that are faced up or down. This should hopefully help to keep gameplay fresh and challenging.

What's more is that every monster you come across has its own unique combat style to overcome, and you'll discover plenty of interesting buffs, skills, items, and attributes as you continue to explore the dungeons.

Harry reviewed the team's previous game, Knights of the Card Table, at launch back in 2019, finding it to be "a bright, smart card crawl that will keep you entertained for hours". He gave it a silver rating in the end, saying "it's just the right amount of challenging, and there's just enough going on in the background that you'll want to jump back in to get that next weapon or discover the game's newest idea".

RogueJack is currently in open beta on Android, and you can sign up right here to get involved. iOS players will find the game available for pre-order from over on the App Store. I've heard nothing but good things about Knights of the Card Table, so RogueJack definitely has a lot to live up to when it launches on February 14th.

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