As reported by TouchArcade earlier today, Felix the Reaper will be heading to iOS devices within the next few months. The game previously launched on Switch and Steam late last year.

It's a game that's a mix of being fairly macabre and delightful at the same time. In essence, you'll be solving various puzzles to ensure that people die, which is fairly grim. But on the other hand, as you do it the main character Felix dances through each level to some great sounding music. The studio even went to the trouble of choreographing his moves with professional dancers.

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Each level takes place on a grid-based platform with each one either being fully lit or hidden in shadow. Felix is the Grim Reaper, so naturally, he has to operate from the shadows, because that's spookier. Therefore, he has to move different objects in each stage to create new dark areas to move within, such as popping a barrel on top of a crate to extend the original shadow.

From there, he can tinker with the various objects in each level, setting them up to ultimately kill a chosen individual in an over the top fashion. As mentioned he also dances his way around each level rather than walking. I have no idea why honestly, but I like it.

The developer has also said that they have added three new game mechanics to Felix the Reaper, promising an improved version compared to its console and PC counterparts. This also means they've entirely redesigned several of the levels to accommodate them, with more information about what these new features are coming in the future.

Felix the Reaper will be available on the App Store within the next two months where it will likely be a premium game, though there's no word on price at the moment. However, you can currently buy it for £7.03 on Steam, reduced from its usual £21.99. Though do bear in mind the iOS version will have new mechanics if you're considering the PC version. 

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