Developer Pearl Abyss has unlocked max graphics settings on all devices for its gorgeous MMORPG, Black Desert Mobile. Basically, if your high-end device meets the specifications to run max settings, you can do so without any constraints.

As the team mentioned previously in their Black Spirit Interview and FAQ, the process of testing individual devices to add to a list of verified devices was taking a fair while – too long, in fact. The decision was therefore made to implement a new system that unlocks max settings on all devices. This came into effect yesterday, January 7th.

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That said, this doesn't mean you should expect any dodgy old phone to be able to play the game at max settings without issues rearing their ugly heads. Lower-spec devices can try to kick up the graphics, but the game will automatically adjust the settings if frames start being dropped and overheating occurs. Performance is a major priority for Pearl Abyss, as it should be.

"We will continue to search for ways to improve Black Desert Mobile and provide the best gaming experience", said the team in an official blog post. It's always great to have more choice in how we play our games, but my fear is that people will see this announcement and get mad that their half-dead device refuses to hit max settings consistently. Please, please check the specifications before making a scene and posting a peeved user review.

Black Desert Mobile made it into our top 5 free games of 2019 list, and it's gone from strength to strength since its global launch last month, adding the Guild War PvP mode and other fresh content. Here's the game's current roadmap, and those starting out would be wise to check out what we made of each of the five character classes.

If you're yet to take it for a spin, you'll find Black Desert Mobile available for download now from both the App Store and Google Play.

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