The second part of Mario Kart Tour's New Year's Tour has now arrived, bringing with it some new goals to chase and packs to purchase. The game is now onto its 8th tour, which is honestly hard to believe considering it only launched back in late September.

The pace of new content has been really quite surprising, though as usual, fans over on Twitter are always demanding something extra.

The featured Tour Gifts this time around are Iggy (who's available to everyone), Gold Koopa (a Gold Pass exclusive), and more. The 2nd New Year Pipe is also now available in-game. It features Party Time Toad, the Glam Bruiser Kart, and the Fireworks Parachute. What's more is that drivers, karts, and gliders from last year currently have a boosted appearance rate.

Over at the game's store, you'll find some new packs up for sale. The King Boo Pack includes 45 Rubies, a driver points-boos ticket, and King Boo himself. The Crimson Crane Pack offers 90 rubies, Red Yoshi, and Red Turbo Yoshi. Both packs are available until next Wednesday, January 15th.

The ranked cup for part two of the New Year's Tour is the Diddy Kong Cup. You can expect to see The Tokyo Blur 2R, GCN Dino Dino Jungle R, and DS Waluigi Pinball courses.

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Dave reviewed Mario Kart Tour at launch, saying "at first, I felt tepid on the whole thing, but after adjusting to the controls and grinding out high scores a bit, I was enjoying myself a lot", before awarding it a bronze rating.

If you quite fancy making a few more friends in Mario Kart Tour, you'll find over 20,000 friend codes right here. A full list of recent updates can be seen over on Perfectly Nintendo. And you'll of course find the game available for download now from both the App Store and Google Play.

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