Hello readers, thank you for checking out Pocket Gamer as we've gone from strength to strength throughout the year. As we send off 2019 into the misty fogs of memory let's take a quick look back at this monumental year.

At the end of 2018 the Pocket Gamer team was and leaning back and taking a well-deserved sit down after the successful launch of the redesigned website. PocketGamer.co.uk had become PocketGamer.com, and there was a pretty dapper redesign deployed too. PG went from it's functional-in-the-noughties look into its sleek appearance as you see it now. Whether you were a mobile or desktop browser you now got the same experience, just stretched and twisted for your reading pleasure, and that's all down to the great work of the team at the end of 2018.

2019 started with a few changes and departures. Relaunch Editor Ric (who is now back as the Editor at our sister site Pocketgamer.biz - hi!) made an exit, as did News Editor Emily Sowden. The former Deputy Editor Harry stepped up into Ric's place and the site muscled on for a few months with myself joining in late Spring as a Deputy Editor with a view to stepping up to Editor later in the year.

Since then Pocket Gamer has refined its team into one of the best teams that I've ever been lucky enough to lead. In the last six months I've seen the individuals, and the team as a whole, develop, learn and grow. While we've had some hiccups at points they've truly gone from strength to strength since and I'm incredibly proud with the course that the site is now set upon. We've got massive ambitions for 2020, and not just for Pocket Gamer, but also for our lesser-discussed sister sites 148Apps and AppSpy, as well as our flourishing Youtube channel

So, add us to your RSS feeds, follow us on social media, or just remember to keep checking back in throughout 2020. You'll spot lots of different types of content, with hopefully enough character and variety to rival the old days of print, with a density of coverage to keep us anchored as the world's number one website for mobile gaming.

Here's to a great year of gaming for next year, for you and yours,

Dann Sullivan,