So long 2019. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Actually, do.

One thing that's kept us relatively sane over this past 12 months has been the stellar array of mobile games that have graced out smartphones and tablets. It really has been a high class year.

You might even call it unimpeachable, if you wanted to use a very 2019 word.

The Pocket Gamer crew has had its say on their personal favourites of 2019. You can find out what Dann, Dave, Cameron, Stephen and Jon had to say by following the appropriate links.

If you just want a definitive statement of the best iOS and Android games PG has played over the past 12 months, well, this is as close as you're going to get. We wouldn't say it's comprehensive, as there are still plenty of brilliant games that would have been more than worthy to join the ranks.

But this offers a decent impression of what we were all playing and enjoying on our mobile phones and tablets in 2019. And as such, it offers a pretty accurate overview of the various trends and highlights of the year.

Notably represented is Apple Arcade, which arrived at the end of the year like an impeccably designed sledgehammer to deliver an almighty blow to the mobile gaming status quo. We're not sure it'll stop up the endless flow of free-to-play slurry that seems to be flooding the App Store and Google Play Store, but it should at least provide a comfortable life raft to help ride it out.

Enough with the mixed metaphors. Let's run through 25 of the best iOS and Android games of 2019, according to PG.

And do be sure to join us again in 2020, when we'll start this whole critical appraisal game again.