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Those who've played an extensive amount of Niantic's Pokemon GO will likely have encountered a local landmark that doesn't quite show up in the right place or perhaps even has an incorrect title. Thankfully, there's now a way for you to suggest improvements to any in-game location's name, description, photo, or real-world location.

You'll first need to reach level 40 in order to unlock this feature. I guess they don't want new accounts spamming ridiculous "corrections", which is honestly fair enough.

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The guidelines are fairly straightforward, and I'd advise giving them a full read over before you attempt to make any edit suggestions. They're mostly quite obvious rules, like not including real names of players in descriptions or titles. Niantic also isn't a fan of you suggesting areas that are dangerous or within inaccessible areas, "like private residences or schools". Makes sense.

For photo submissions, you shouldn't bother sending any low-quality pics such as "pitch-black photos, blurry photos, or photos taken from a car". Again, most of this is probably common sense, but you can never be too careful.

If the landmark you'd like to edit has no official title, Niantic is quite happy for you to come up with your own creative name. When suggesting landmark descriptions, Niantic asks that they be detailed and include info that your fellow players may find interesting, such as the landmark's historical significance. You can also use the description to explain why the Gym or PokeStop is unique or significant.

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The post notes that the team "cannot make title/description edits or accept photo submissions to historical markers or sponsored locations." That said, you can suggest edits for historical markers over on The Historical Marker Database. No guarantee that'll work, though.

If you're yet to give this one a go, you'll find Pokemon GO available now for download from both the App Store and Google Play.

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