2019 has undoubtedly been a cracking year for mobile games. I'm sure the reasons for that have been covered extensively and more eloquently by my colleagues in their lists. So fear not, I won't waffle on about Apple Arcade and such again.

Instead, I'll focus on my own personal surprise at parts of my list during this little preamble before the bit you're probably here for. You see, I'm generally not good at multiplayer games, so I tend to shy away from them because - to put it simply – it's not much fun being bad. And yet, there's two of them in this list and I've played both of them a lot. That's a whole 200% more multiplayer than I ever expected in my end of year round-up.

So here are my picks for the best mobile games of 2019, in no particular order

Assemble With Care

People who are able to fix things are basically wizards as far as I'm concerned. If I break something, it's over for that poor object, I will not be able to repair it. But in Assemble With Care, I'm gifted with that power and it feels great.

If you've not played Assemble With Care it's essentially a series of puzzles where you'll mend various objects for folks in a small town. I found immense satisfaction in taking objects apart, fixing them and putting them back together again using touch controls. It gives a tactile feeling of involvement with your repair job that just wouldn't work on other platforms.

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Beyond making me feel like a restoration wizard, there's a lovely heartfelt story in Assemble With Care that draws parallels with fixing objects to mending relationships. Sure, it's a fairly obvious metaphor but it's still an undeniably wholesome narrative to enjoy.