There are too many great games to play on iPhone, iPad, and MacOS right now. The iOS platform has expanded once again recently with Apple Arcade, one of the very best value deals in gaming right now, whether that's mobile or otherwise. There are loads of excellent Apple Arcade games to play, and if you got an Apple Arcade subscription for Christmas, you're in luck.

But there's more than just Apple Arcade. There are loads of excellent free to play and premium titles available on the App Store that can offer you dozens of hours of entertainment or frustration, depending on what you choose.

Right here we're listing off just five games you can play on your iOS device this Christmas, either by yourself or with the family. Tis the season to be social after all, and these games might entertain family members, or even incite a nice bonding experience this holiday season.

To keep the festivities going all day long, these are the games you should be playing this holiday season…

Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara Wild Hearts is a psychedelic trip that'll give your former hippy parents and grandparents a blast of LSD-tinged nostalgia. This game blends incredible music with intense visuals to leave a lasting impression on everyone playing it - the kind of impression that'll have you adding songs from the game to your playlists.

When I think of Christmas, I think of bright, garish colours covering the walls and ceilings, decorations that draw the line between tasteful and tacky, and inebriated celebrations that'll have you singing to songs you think you might hate, for whatever reason. And I actually think that sums up Sayonara Wild Hearts pretty well.

Actually, that's a bit insulting to Sayonara Wild Hearts. I'm basically trying to say it's better than Christmas, okay?