Updated: Original list by Dave Aubrey, Updated by Jupiter Hadley on December 11th, 2020.

Mobile games are perfect for playing a game anywhere you are. Any time you need something to distract you from the mundanity of life, mobile games are there for you, and what better time to escape the mundanity than at Christmas?

Now don't get me wrong, we all love seeing friends and family, but at times the noise can become a bit overwhelming. Sometimes you might want to just dive into a great game, waiting for dinner to be served or in the travel time between seeing your grandmother and waking up at your own home. Well, that's what mobile games are here for, and hey, you could even play some of them with the family that's visiting during the holidays!

So we've decided to list out five android games that we think are perfect for playing over the Christmas period, either with friends and family or by yourself, whatever you prefer. There are loads of amazing games available on Android, both free to play and premium, so read on and investigate these games on the Google Play Store for all the entertainment you need this holiday season.