2019 has been a shockingly good year for mobile games, to be quite frank. Yeah, there were plenty of duff ones, as usual, but there are also dozens of high-quality free-to-play releases, loads of pretty premium games, and then there's Apple Arcade, possibly one of the best bargains to have ever graced mobile gaming as a whole. Seriously, it just has that many good games, and this list could've been comprised of Apple Arcade games exclusively.

But this is a very personal list, and more than anything, this is the list of games I just couldn't stop playing well after I'd published articles for each of them. For one reason or another, these games just kept me playing, and I was ecstatic to find a game that I just wanted to keep returning to.

So without further ado, here are my personal top five mobile games from 2019.

Call of Duty: Mobile

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No one tell Cameron Bald, okay?

The fact is, Call of Duty: Mobile is the kind of mobile game I've always wanted, and wasn't sure we'd ever get. It feels like the perfect accompaniment to the console Call of Duty games, offering a similar, bite-sized Call of Duty experience for when you're on the go. And it works great.

With a full set of classic maps returning, regular updates, a full battle royale mode, a new zombies mode, and more, it is possibly one of the most content-complete Call of Duty games of all time, despite being on a mobile device and releasing free-to-play. It is truly, honestly, pretty astounding that they can offer all of this.

Sure, it has a battle pass and does ask for microtransaction spending every now and then, but you can completely ignore it and have a great experience. I played this far more than I had to, and I recommend it to mobile gaming cynics.