Figment is a conceptual puzzle and action game where the various conundrums you'll have to solve are based on the right and left sides of the brain - creativity and logic. We sent some members of the App Army off on this surreal adventure.

Here's what they thought:

Mike Lisagor

I'm a few hours into the game and I am really enjoying it so far. Controls work fine for me and have not interfered with any gameplay so far. This is a puzzle/adventure game but the game steers you in the right direction. The plot is rather abstract but different enough to hold my attention. Great graphics that give subtle clues to what needs to be done. I’ll be curious to see if this can hold my attention long enough to finish the game but so far it has.

Matt King

Great quirky graphics and a nice sense of humour. The puzzles aren't too taxing and combat makes for a nice change of pace. The game is full of questions about our hero and what his place is in this adventure. The controls are straightforward and work well. My only real concerns are that there's a lot of wandering about and you're not always 100% sure where to head next. Overall, an interesting puzzle adventure with unusual characters you'll want to spend time with.

Mark Abukoff

A gorgeous hand-drawn landscape that reminded me of a Tim Burton movie. Simple, engaging, and funny trip through the mind unlocking simple puzzles and fighting tentacle nightmares. I found the graphics nice and sharp. Music, sounds, and voice acting were pleasant and I had no problems with the controls on my small screen. It's easy enough to learn how to kill the monsters and work your way through puzzles and obstacles. Overall a better look than most games like this and I’ll probably play it for a while. Worth picking up if you like these kinds of games.

Paul Manchester

This really is a well-produced mobile title. I was hooked from the beginning by the compelling story and wonderful voice acting. The game looks great too and even has a photo mode for capturing memorable moments along your way. The writing is solid with some funny interactions between the characters which kept me smiling. Looking forward to seeing what surprises are in store as I reach the finale. Easy recommend for anyone looking for a charming puzzle/action game on the go.

Quincy Jones

An interesting game that has a lot going for it, great voice acting beautiful graphics and an interesting enough storyline. The controls also worked well. A worthwhile adventure of the mind. It’s nice to see the App Store still has a couple of quality games left that aren’t tied to Apple Arcade

Ed Davis

Ever been to an art gallery and think to yourself, “Man, it would be cool to make a game out of this painting.” No? Me neither, but that’s what this is like. This game is like an abstract painting that has been made interactive. It handles well on a touch screen with little annoyance of losing where the virtual joystick is. The story is engaging and keeps you wanting more as it progresses. A great little game that will keep you engaged for a few hours at least.

Michael Purdy

Okay, what is this game? Really had no idea what I was getting into with this one. It has some beautiful graphics with some surreal visuals. Writing is very humorous and so far the story is interesting. I didn’t have any problem with movement, it was actually very fluid, but I found attacking to be not as responsive. The puzzles are creative. I will definitely be playing this one to completion.

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