With the start of a new season just around the corner, Frogmind Studios have released their latest batch of balance changes for Rumble Stars. So read on to find out if your current strategy will still be viable when the next season kicks off.

As usual, it's a plethora of ups and downs in various stats for several Rumblers as Frogmind continue working to balance the game as best they can. I don't envy them, by making certain characters worse you will inevitably make another dominant in its place. But that's why they make tweak these stats each month.

The changes for next season are as follows:

Turtle Spinner

Stamina +100%
Field Time -0.5 sec

Fast Monkey

Shot Power +25%
Move Speed +5%

Bouncy Board

Field time -15 sec
Size -5%


Sling distance +11%

Damage +10%

Movement speed -5%


Shot Power +6%

Lazy Panda

Stamina -33%

Mr Fire

Explosion Radius -10%

Boom Rocket

Explosion Radius -10%

Tiny Tanuki

Sling Distance -20%

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As always, whether or not these changes are enough to deter people from their current tactical setup remains to be seen. Sometimes these numbers can seem quite significant but in reality, they don't actually change much in the context of the game. For instance, the Lazy Panda's stamina being reduced by 33% won't affect players who know how to use the lackadaisical bear to score a quick goal. 

In the meantime, Rumble Stars are currently running an event called the 12-days of Rumble, which features daily login bonuses as well as events for earning more cards. They've also announced a new Rumbler to coincide with the next season called the Energy Pump which increases your gauge at a faster rate when it's in play.

Rumble Stars is available now on the App Store and Google Play. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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