Nitro Games, the folks behind titles such as Heroes of Warland and Medals of War, is back with another multiplayer shooter. Their latest shooting venture will be called Lootland and it will be heading to mobile devices at some stage in 2020.

Details on the game itself are fairly scarce at the moment. In fact, beyond the very colourful looking image we have as the thumbnail for this article, we haven't even seen any gameplay yet. Though if you've played any of their prior titles, you'll have a rough idea of what to expect from a Nitro shooter. If not, check out the trailer for Heroes of Warland below to see some of their past work.

So let's run through the details we do know. Nitro is pitching Lootland as a 'super-casual' co-op multiplayer shooter where you'll work together to defeat wave after wave of numerous monsters. So unlike Heroes of Warland, this appears to be an entirely PVE focused shooter.

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The carcasses of those monster you vanquish on the battlefield will drop lots and lots of lovely loot for you to collect as a reward for your murderous endeavours. You'll use all these goodies to upgrade you preferred weapons and armour. Once your gear is sufficiently powered up from all the plundering you'll be able to tackle the trickier levels Lootland has to offer.

It sounds like a fun enough experience, particularly if you're a fan of horde-style games. Personally, I do like to kick back and just mindlessly slay waves of enemies sometimes, it can be incredibly cathartic being in that familiar loop, particularly if the game isn't overly difficult.

Lootland is scheduled for a release at some point in 2020. There are no confirmed details on what platform it will be available on as yet though. However, based on Nitro's previous releases it will arrive for both iOS and Android eventually.

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