Updated: 17-05-2020

Bad news, fans of brilliant roguelike card battlers. The iOS and Android versions of Slay the Spire have been delayed until 2020.

Developer Mega Crit Games recently released a progress report on the mobile port of this Game of the Year contender.

It starts with some good news: "We've hit a playable version of the game and it's looking great, you'll be able to play the full Slay the Spire experience on your phone very soon". Joy!

Then it piles on the misery/mild disappointment: "We had hoped to get mobile out by the end of the year but development with a custom engine can be a tricky thing. We are close, and will have another status update for you in early 2020". Blast.

If you had your heart set on curling up with the game this Christmas, we feel your pain. But there are some great Slay The Spire alternatives on mobile. Here are some of them.

We should note that none of these games is a precise match for Slay the Spire. We've steered clear of the clones, and instead opted to bring you a varied selection of top notch card-based dungeon crawlers that share a certain spiritual affinity.

If you still want the full Slay the Spire experience, well, you shouldn't have too long to wait.