Angry Birds is 10, and that's something that everybody reading this should be celebrating - here's why.

There are very few things in the games industry, especially the mobile games industry, which can claim to have ten years of history under their belt. There's even fewer who can claim that they've been releasing a game a year during that time.

I mean, some series have been relaunched from scratch during that time. Even if we get down to the annual franchises, things like the Fifa, Football Manager, WWE, these are franchises born out of systems which persist until now; the faces and line-ups change, but new features are added in at a crawl. A new match type might make its way into the newest iteration of 19-year-old WWE; Legends, Journey and FUT added different ways to view the same gameplay of 26-year-old FIFA, and we can finally define intricate board expectations in the 14-year old (brand) Football Manager.

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Angry Birds has had over 25 releases in its ten years, including 18 main-series entries. Sure thing, Angry Birds might have its slingshotting mechanic to Fifa's play mechanics, but Angry Birds has also stepped out of its core gameplay loop of aim-pull-release to dabble with other genres.

That is why, after 10 years, Angry Birds' characters are symbolic of the brand more than the slingshot mechanic. Just look at the role that the actual flinging took in the two feature-length Angry Birds movies (not much) and you'll see that - much like Mario - the characters are stronger icons than the games.

So, let's chat about some of the milestones that Rovio have managed in these past ten years, and about how a little Finnish company changed the face of mobile gaming when it finally latched onto Angry Birds. 

Rovio wasn't unheard of before Angry Birds, they had worked on over 50 titles for mobile before landing on their now-famous IP. Do you remember Police Quest? I certainly do. Well, they were responsible for SWAT Elite Troops (Bronze Star Pocket Gamer award winner) back in 2007, and even worked on the Need for Speed brand with Need For Speed: Carbon (Gold Star Pocket Gamer award winner) before that. 

However in 2009, when they released Angry Birds, their fates completely changed. Hit the big blue button below to join us on a journey through the Angry Birds' 10 years at the top.

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