Journey Bound Games' beautiful puzzle game, Path of Giants, has released four new festive themed levels for free to celebrate the Christmas period. They are available to play now on both iOS and Android if you already own the game, which costs $3.99.

These four new levels aim to ramp up the difficulty of an otherwise fairly easy game. The original levels all provided the player with various hints to aid them in their journey. The Winterfest stages, however, will not provide any assistance and you can expect all of the mechanics from the main story to make an appearance throughout the expansion.

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There have also been several quality of life changes added to the game as well. You're no longer forced to play the game from a portrait orientation as a landscape option has been added. Pinch and zoom functionality has also been added so you can take a closer look at each part of the level, which may help you figure out what to do a little easier.

Finally, controller supported has also been added, which is becoming more common, particularly on iOS versions of games, since they added support for Xbox and PS4 pads. I'm always happy to see this feature added to older titles because it opens up the possibility of more people trying great games they'd otherwise avoid for fear of touch controls.

For those unfamiliar, Path of Giants is a puzzle game where you play as three characters who must help each other travel up and down various platforms to reach the end of each level. It inevitably finds itself being compared to Monument Valley a lot, but it's more than good enough to stand on its own merits.

Path of Giants is available now on the App Store and Google Play. It is a premium game that costs $3.99.

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