Pearl Abyss has announced that its gorgeous fantasy MMO, Black Desert Mobile, is now open for pre-download, allowing players to get in early, pick their class, customise their character, and select their preferred Family Name. The game is set to launch globally for iOS and Android in just two days.

With 4+ million players having already pre-registered, it'd be wise to get in as early as possible to make sure that you can select your preferred Family Name. If you're new to the world of Black Desert, this is the title that hovers above your avatar for your fellow players to see.

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It'd also make sense to pre-download so that you can spend as much time as you need with the incredibly deep character customisation options. Sculpting your character down to the tiniest of details is made intuitive and enjoyable thanks to the game's smart touchscreen controls, and the amount of choice you have over their design means that your avatar will actually feel unique to you.

This attention to detail extends to the game's presentation at large, which is absolutely stellar. Its vast open world is one of the most impressive we've seen in a mobile game to date, boasting varied environments and the ability to immerse you completely in its rich fantasy setting.

Selecting your character class is a major decision, with the Warrior, Witch, Ranger, Giant, and Valkyrie all playing very differently. It therefore makes sense to spend a little time researching their skills and abilities prior to making your decision.

If you're yet to do so, you can pre-register for Black Desert Mobile right now over on the App Store and Google Play. And be sure to pre-download the game right now ahead of its global launch on December 11th at 8:00 AM GMT (00:00 AM PST).

For more news ahead of Black Desert Mobile's release be sure to check out the game's official website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels.

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