Hello and welcome to the most recent entry in our long-running GAMES OF THE WEEK series. If you're looking for the best 5 games which have hit the iPhone, iPad or Android stores this week then you've landed yourself at the exact right place at just the right time.

Here's where we discuss the best five games that have launched over the last week, across any of the aforementioned devices. 'But, wait a minute!' I hear you exclaim, 'There's loads of games out every week, you must have some restrictions!?'

You're right, we do. With this article we pay no heed to the droves of subscription services (Apple Arcade, Google Play Pass, GameClub, Hatch, Playond et cetera) which have launched onto mobile platforms, and we also don't factor in things like Steam Link or Google Stadia which allow streaming to our handheld devices. That means that our list is a finely curated list of brilliant, fresh titles which you can download and play without subscribing to, or installing, any third party initiative. Of course, there are some great games on those services, but, let's focus on the stuff you can grab right now.

This week it seems that we're all about space, with three out of five of the games that we feature taking place beyond our atmosphere. That said, one of the others is set in a limbo-like hell and the other takes place in a world of dreams. So I guess all of this week's games are out of this world.

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Anyway, without any further delay, click through on the big, blue button below to find out more about the 5 best new games for mobile this week

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