Developer Panda Arcade's long-in-development 3v3 brawler, Pico Tanks, has now soft-launched for iOS and Android in New Zealand, Australia, and the Philippines. The twist here is that all combatants are sat snuggly inside dinky, colourful tanks. News of the launch was first brought to my attention by a member of our very own App Army.

Multiplayer matches here are said to be fast-paced and intense, demanding that you work successfully alongside your team to repel enemy attacks and claim victory. Two of the modes currently on offer include Hold the Flag and Fetch the Cargo. The former sees you seeking then holding onto a flag for as long as possible, while the latter sees everyone rushing to steal their opponents' precious cargo and return it to their home base.

A big part of the experience is customising your tank to make it unique to you. There is an impressive assortment of weapons types to pick from, including snipers, explosives, and even a "Spud Launcher" – a weapon that shoots only the freshest of potatoes.

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On top of that, you've got different bodies, armour types, and power-ups to select from. The power-ups in particular seem to be a highlight, giving you the option to support your teammates with repair kits or call down devastating airstrikes to turn the tide of battle.

Cosmetics are also a big draw here, giving you the option to dress up your tank in a pizza skin or stick a "Rubber Ducky" on your antenna.

As Dann pointed out earlier in the year, its aesthetic is almost Nintendo-like in its polish and appealing colour scheme. I'm quite looking forward to giving this one a go when it eventually becomes available over here in the UK. For now, only those in New Zealand, Australia, and the Philippines can get involved in Pico Tanks, available over on the App Store and Google Play.

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