Mazuna World is an upcoming platformer from Appijo that's releasing for Android in January. However, if you'd like to jump in now it's already available in Early Access.

In Mazuna World you play as a little Indiana Jones looking fellow complete with whip and hat. Well, sometimes anyway, you won't always start with those two things and will have to find them hidden within boxes through the different levels.

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Without them, you can only jump and move to the right. You can jump on top of enemies to kill them or just avoid them altogether if you don't trust your precision. When you've got the whip and hat though you'll obviously be able to lash them to death.

If you take damage though you'll your weapon and fedora, reduced back to simply jumping on their craniums. This also means that you will die in one hit when simply in your shirt and trousers. It's a system that reminds me a little bit of Ghosts 'n Goblins where you'd lose your armour in the first hit and then your life with the second.

The game will have 130 levels over 5 worlds, so that's a fair bit of content solely within the main campaign. Beyond that, though there are even more game modes available. There's a challenge mode which features randomly selected challenges to do from the game's levels.

There's also a mode called Coin Dash which are auto-scrolling levels that will test your reactions as you jump at the right times whilst grabbing as many coins as possible. Finally, there will also be a level editor which promises a simple interface so you can quickly make your own stages.

Mazuna World is available now on Google Play in Early Access but will fully launch in January 2020. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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