Garena Free Fire's upcoming "High Tide" episode is set to bring swashbuckling pirate action into the world of the battle royale megahit. We know that it'll serve up some neat pirate-themed items and tell the tale of a legendary treasure known as the "Heart of the Sea".

Many intrepid explorers have tried and failed to uncover its location over an intense 30-year hunt. The treasure is said to contain riches beyond your wildest imaginings, full of priceless gems and gold. Now, rumours have started to spread that a pirate crew has discovered the treasure deep beneath the ocean.

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Naturally, this causes a mass scouring of the seas as pirates from all over set sail for the remote location. The chances of everyone splitting the loot are next to none, so best bring your finest weapons and prepare for a battle for the ages.

Here's a full list of Ghost Pirates rewards up for grabs:

  • Voyage of the Death Parachute
  • Bloody Red Shark Surfboard
  • Deadly Blue Shark Surfboard
  • The Golden Skull Jacket
  • Famas Pirate's Soul
  • M60 Pirate's Soul
  • Phantom Pirate Backpack
  • Pirate's Glory Death Box
  • Jig Dance Emote
  • Treasure Huntress Bundle
  • Skull Captain Bundle

Garena Free Fire continues to go from strength to strength, ranking among the top five most downloaded mobile games throughout the entirety of 2019. We've covered the game and its massive esports scene quite a bit these last few months.

The recent Free Fire World Series racked up over 100 million online views in total, with the final hitting 2 million concurrent viewers at its peak. Corinthians ended up claiming victory in the end, despite trailing in points for a good chunk of the finals in Rio de Janeiro.

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If you're a battle royale fan and haven't yet given Garena Free Fire a go, you'll find it available for download now from both the App Store and Google Play.

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