It's time for us to open the seventh door on Pocket Gamer's 2019 advent calendar. What's the Pocket Gamer advent calendar? Why it's our yearly gift-giving bonanza that gives you a chance to win codes for some of the very best mobile games that have come out over the past 12 months.

Today's gem is STAY: Are You There? It's a dark and intriguing adventure that plays out in real time and sees you talking to a man who's become involved in some horrifying comings and goings. It's up to you to build up a rapport with him and save him from a variety of troubles. There are multiple endings, and plenty of them are far from happy.

This time around we've got codes for both the Android and the iOS version of the game, which means everyone can get involved in this prize-based gift-giving bonanza. If you want to know more about the game you're trying to win, you can check out a trailer for STAY that we've embedded below.

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How can you grab yourself a copy? It couldn't be simpler. Fill in your details below, making sure you're filling in for the correct format. We'll pick a winner at random and do the rest. That's just the kinda people we are.

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