The folks who brought us Super Cat Tales and Yokai Dungeon are back with another game that also looks incredibly cute. Their latest effort is called Mineblast, a platformer focused on destruction, that'll be available for iOS and Android in January next year.

Mineblast will see the return of Kuro who previously appeared in Super Cat Tales, though will also be other characters from the game available to play as too. This time around he's ready to do some mining, sensibly sporting a safety hat and back pocket chock full of dynamite. The aim of the game is to blast your way through the mines destroying various crates in the hope of discovering gems.

It'll also be heavily physics-based too, meaning that you'll be able to use wooden structures as bridges by destroying its foundations in such a way it will cover a gap you can't otherwise jump across. You might also have to use it to safely cross areas with hazards, destroying the ground in such a way that you can sneak through the traps safely.

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There seem to be a plethora of cute ways you can use the environment to your advantage like this. One that I particularly enjoyed shows Kuro using dynamite on a rocky structure so that part of it fell down. He then grabbed that broken piece and carried over his head so that he could use it as a shield as he passed underneath some bats.

Discovering all the different ways you'll be able to make use of the destruction is definitely the most appealing part of Mineblast and I'm very keen to see what else you'll be able to do.

Mineblast will be available on the App Store and Google Play sometime in January 2020.

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